Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birding at Rancho Madroño

Rancho Madroño is located on a climbing dirt road northwest of Erongarícuaro in the direction of Yotátiro and La Zarzamora. Access is by permission and prior arrangement with owner, Brian Fey. Rancho Madroño comprises 83 acres of pine and oak forest and, of course, madrone trees, and elevation runs from 7700 up to 8000 feet.

Here one can see ocelots, coyotes, armadillos, wild ferns, mushrooms and orchids in addition to a variety of birds. Immediately on arrival, while we were getting hot tea at shortly after 7:00 AM, we spotted an Elegant Trogon perched right next to the veranda--a good look even with the naked eye. We saw the Elegant Trogon again on our walk, but no luck with a Mountain or Eared Trogon. Two other good birds (not the only ones) were the Pine Flycatcher and Tufted Flycatcher.

Rancho Madroño is "off the grid", meaning that sustainable technologies are used, and there is no city water or power.

Thank you, Brian.

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