Friday, July 11, 2008

Classification of Birders

Wonder where you stand as a birder? Here is one way to rank your abilities:

[Caution! This is, of course, a spoof.]

Top Tier Birder - Life List is comprised of 7 1/2 species not yet seen

Extreme Birder - Intense!

Serious Birder - Extensive knowledge and generously shares it.

Avid Birder - Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.

Enthusiastic Birder - Long on enthusiasm, short on knowledge.

Recreational Birder - Owns binoculars, comes because there are cookies.

Book Birder - Birds in fabulous reference books and guides. Doesn't leave recliner chair.

Beginning Birder - Potential to become Serious or Extreme Birder, or better.

Casual Birder - Interested, borrows Aunt Mabel's ancient 6 lb binoculars.

Accidental Birder - Trips over the bird.

1 comment:

Tracy Novinger said...

A reader suggested Book Birder, which I added.